IPCC, climate and malaria: scaremonging or ignorance


 by Irene Teis

I was flabbergasted to find on the generally sound www.malariaworld.org a flurry of press releases relating malaria to climate change.

This is nonsense. Malaria is not a tropical disease. It was common throughout Europe, not only in Spain, Sardinia, Greece but as far North as the Baltic and northern Russia. Siberia registered 600 000 deaths due to Plasmodium falciparum in 1920. Falciparum malaria was common in Europe during the Little Ice Age 5 centuries ago. Activist organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace, continue to quote the IPCC statement that malaria can only be transmitted in regions where winter temperatures are above 16ºC. Al Gore’s absurdities.

Malaria has been wiped out in the US and in Europe mostly by DDT. The WHO declared Holland malaria-free in 1970. But then the battle ended and Africa was left alone. A genocide resulted !

Prof  P. Reiter, Institut Pasteur, Paris,  in a paper published in  Malaria Journal 7 (2008) “Global warming and malaria: Knowing the horse before hitching the cart” criticizes very well the nonsense generated by computer modelling. Fast food for the popular press!

P. Reiter  has been a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Committee on Vector Biology and Control since 1998, and a consultant for several WHO Scientific Working Groups.

In a Memorandum which can be found on internet he explains his disappointment with the operating practices of IPCC. The third assessment report in its health chapter cites more than 65 lead authors. Only 3 were an established authority on vector-borne disease.

“After much effort and many fruitless discussions, I decided to resign from the IPCC project. My resignation was accepted, but in a first draft I found that my name was still listed. I requested its removal, but was told it would remain because « I had contributed ». It was only after strong insistence that I succeeded in having it removed…

In my opinion the IPCC has done a disservice to society by relying on “experts” who have little or no knowledge of the subject…

Alarmist activists operating in well-funded advocacy groups have a lead role in creating this misinformation.

We would be better off redirecting the millions spent on climate change research to preventing diseases such as malaria. “



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