Does WHO dance to the biggest income source?

Submitted by Irene Teis

I liked very much the recent paper by Richard Horton in The Lancet May 17, claiming that the global health investments benefit the countries in the North more than those of the South.

 » Given that the US is the biggest contributor to WHO why are you surprised that WHO dances to the song of the biggeest income source ». And others too!. « Go to the website of Global Fund and look at its partners : Chevron, Coca-Cola and the mining company Vale ». Over 80% of the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation went to recipients in the US ». They are all « part of an apparatus of power, self-interest and control that denies justice and dignity to billions of people worldwide ».


Son tecnicas luteranas de comerciantes inclementes (Alvaro Mutiz)


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