Ebola or malaria

Submitted by Irene Teis on September 12, 2014 – 19:09

If you want a disease to be worried about, forget Ebola. Try malaria instead. In 2013, malaria killed more than 1 200,000 people in Africa, which is about 1 000 times as many people as Ebola has killed so far, as claimed by WHO. Seriously: you might catch malaria and die.
But Ebola is more lucrative for Bigpharma and their salesmen in Geneva.
1. GOLD COAST ‘Ebola’ case just as likely to be malaria, says disease expert A 25-year-old man, just back from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is placed in isolation in Queensland.
2. MYANMAR : a man who is being tested for the Ebola virus has been diagnosed with two types of Malaria, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.
3. ITALY.’Ebola’ patient has malaria Doctors have said that the Nigerian resident in Italy who was hospitalized on Tuesday with suspected Ebola is suffering from malaria
4. THAILAND : Ebola suspect contracted malaria The Guinean woman earlier suspected of having Ebola virus disease, in fact, contracted malaria and is free entirely of EVD, a second blood test confirmed. Dr Opas Karnkavinpong, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control, told a press conference Friday.
5. NEW YORK man quarantined after he was suspected of having Ebola ‘probably’ just has malaria


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