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Artemisia afra cures Buruli ulcer with high efficacy. Possible role of gallium.

juillet 15, 2017

Following up on same encouraging earlier trials, we launched with our African partners and the French association M4L larger scale clinical trials. The results obtained in these trials are extraordinary.
The trials were run in the Maniema province of RDC and were coordinated by Dr Jerome Munyangi who has alrready run the very successfull clinical trials with Artemisia plants against malaria, tuberculosis and bilharzia. The treatment consisted in the administration per os of an Artemisia afra decoction during 14 days and the application of a poultice containing an Artemisia afra extract during 28 days. These produces were from » Mother Nature » in Burundi. 21 patients completed the full treatment, some others were lost from sight. Those who took the complete treatment were totally cured, without any need
for surgical intervention. No remanent limitation in movements or other sequelae were noticed as it often happens after antibiotic treatment. Mycobacteria were counted under the microscope by the Ziehl-Neelsen method. No remaining mycobacteria could be detected after the treatment.